Busted! Why your approach to LinkedIn is a crime

🚔 Busted! Your approach to LinkedIn is a crime.

You send 100 connection requests on LinkedIn per day and whoever accepts the request, will get pitch-slapped. Hey, 0.1% conversion rate is something!

You post your company’s marketing material on a daily basis. Your colleagues are liking the posts. Hey, 100 views and 5 likes is something!

Social selling solved ✅


Accordingly to Steve Watt, Marketing Manager at Seismic, actual Social Selling comes down to three pillars:

➡️ Mindset – Become human, embrace buyer centricity

➡️ Skillset – Reframe your profile, engage with meaning

➡️ Tactics – Understand platform intricacies

Stand out. Rise above the noise. Become a social media magnet.

Tune in, find out!

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