Your customer has bad ideas. We all do. Example?

How does a PoC with two vendors for a 30k project sound?

So you want to lay out an alternative path. One that is more effective for all involved. But this is a conflict and it needs to be managed. Matt suggests a simple formula:

Feel – Felt – Found

  1. Show understanding: “I see you feel this way about XYZ”

  2. Plant social proof: “Others have felt the same way”

  3. Sway to better plan: “What they have however found, is that ABC”

This is just one of the MANY nuggets Matt has shared with us on the show

On this episode of the Sales Excellence Podcast, we also discuss:

  • Fear of discovery

  • Get access to decision makers

  • Building your champion

  • Embracing the conflict

  • Draw out objections

  • Repetition as the path to confidence

  • … and so much more

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