🎧🎙️ Engaging Demos: Getting storytelling right!

Quick quiz: What is the buzzword number #1 in sales? We have no idea, but STORYTELLING surely is right up there.

✅ Everyone says it’s useful.
✅ Everyone wants to do it.
✅ Everybody thinks they do it.
❌ No one actually does it ( … or do you? 😉)

So we decided to invite Peter Cohan to the show, as we dissect the myth of storytelling: Why is it so important? What makes a good story anyway? What is an easy to use blueprint to get it right consistently?

As opposed to having visions of fairies and green ogres, we share examples of great stories to tell in our beloved B2B software sales context. Always keeping the ultimate goal in mind: Creating a memorable experience for our customers.

Come and join us on this entertaining and engaging story…EHM…episode with Peter on the Sales Excellence Podcast.

Fully loaded with actionable advice for your day-to-day business.

Peter on LinkedIn: ​​https://bit.ly/2VROQR6
Peter on Demo Data in Episode #044: https://bit.ly/3yy8J0Q

👍 We wish you a lot of fun & inspiration while listening to our podcast.

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