🎧🎙️ The Value of Value: How to use ROIs effectively!

Fun Fact: Just 16% of sellers use ROIs for maximum effect.

  • Do you like better qualification?
  • Do you like shorter deal cycles?
  • Do you like larger deals?

Those are three good reasons to consider ROIs more closely, wouldn’t you agree?. It’s time for you to meet “The ROI Guy”. Tom Pisello is a seasoned sales veteran with decades of experience in the realm of B2B Software Sales. It’s his passion and fundamental belief that behind every purchase decision, there needs to be validation in form of a return of investment.

In detail we discuss the following:

  1. Why should you address ROI as early as possible?
  2. Why don’t your customers calculate their own ROIs?
  3. How do you get your customers to trust your value proposition?
  4. What’s an appropriate ROI? 200%? 500%? 1000%?
  5. How can a negative ROI still be of value?

Thanks Tom for joining us and sharing your deep insights with us and our listeners.

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