Interview with Don Carmichael

🎧🎙 No-one likes completing RFP’s. So, why bother? – Interview with Don Carmichael

RFP’s – again – yeah! Our German speaking listeners already enjoyed episode 021 – on more tactical advice on how to handle RFP’s.

Today, we talk with Don Carmichael (Founder & Chief PreSales Guru at Winning Skills) in a more strategic way about the one thing we all love in Sales and PreSales – indeed, RFP’s!

What makes an RFP and what’s the purpose by the way? Are they a waste of time? Who really benefits at the end of day? What is the role of PreSales please? As they exist, how to handle RFP’s best? And: is there a better way to make buying decisions?

A fun and of course serious dialogue about the topic – thanks a lot Don Carmichael for your insights!

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Book recommendation: Mastering Technical Sales ( Chapter 4.

Episode 021 – How to handle RFP’s effectyle (German speaking)
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