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🎧🎙️ 032 Interview with James Kaikis (Salesforce) – Build a PreSales Community & Mindset

Have you been looking for a global PreSales Community for a long time? Then listen in and hear from James Kaikis how he has recently started exactly that – a global place for PreSales.

James story is interesting as well as impressive. He has worked in Hospitality early in his career and is now not only a PreSales Leader but also one of the brains behind Presales Collective.

Beside talking about the PreSales Community and understanding James motivation and what they already achieved we also dig into the PreSales Mindset in general.

Book recommendation: Range by David Epstein

Also check out our first Presales Collective webinar here (Sales Excellence: It’s all about the demo, right?)

Thanks a lot James for your insights and what you have done for our profession!

👍 We wish you a lot of fun & inspiration while listening to our podcast.

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