“Presales is NOT doing demos!”

🎧🎙️ 027 – How to Build a World Class Presales Team – Interview with Jon Upton (VP Solution Engineering at Oracle) (english)

“Presales is NOT doing demos!” (Jon Upton)

It was our pleasure to talk to passionate presales leader Jon Upton. He recently started into a new role at Oracle and shares his experience on how to build a world class presales with us.

We had a deep and intense discussion around the following key topics:

  • What is the key role of presales?
  • Where do you start to get world class?
  • How do you hire the right people at the right time in presales?
  • What does make a world class team btw?
  • How do you stay world class with your team?
  • Finally: How do you justify your existence to the company?
  • One more thing: just listen to the episode 😉

Thanks a lot Jon for sharing your expertise, experience and insights with us. Really, really valuable.

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Book recommendations by Jon:

👍 We wish you a lot of fun & inspiration while listening to our podcast.

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